Switzerland: Apfelwähe (Swiss-style apple tart)

This is not an apple pie as such (the techniques are a lot different though the flavorings are similar). This is a home version of apfelwähe (prounounced APfel-VAY-heh), which is a subset of the larger set of wähen or tarts in general.

Ireland: Apple and Potato "Cake"

This dish probably started being baked by Irish firesides in its present form about three hundred years ago. It's now baked on halogen and gas and convection cooktops all over the country whenever a home chef wants to make a quick and easy dessert...

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Germany: Mitternachtsuppe / "Midnight Soup"

This soup used to be served to hungry partiers halfway through the all-night balls held in Germany, Austria and Switzerland around the New Year's holiday...

England: Crumpets

This essentially English comfort food has been around for at least a few hundred years, though the actual timing is a little uncertain...