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Ireland: Traditional Irish Desserts

This collection features both old and new Irish recipes. The ones with an *asterisk are the oldest, usually more than a hundred years old.


Rich Guinness Cake
Baileys Mousse Pie
Creamy Baileys Mousse Pie

Donegal Oatmeal Cream*

Chocolate Potato Cake*

Baileys Marble Cheesecake
Apple Barley Pudding
Apple Barley Pudding

Dean Swift's Burnt Oranges*

Sweet Seedcake Loaf*

Irish Coffee Cake

Carrigaline Whiskey Pie*

Carrageen Citrus Pudding

Apple Amber*
Chocolate Orange Guinness Cake
Chocolate Orange Guinness Cake

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(Please note: we have added the phrases "Irish desert" and "Irish deserts" to this page so that people searching for sweets, puddings and final courses can find them more easily. Though Ireland does have desserts, it does not have deserts. Please leave your camels at home when visiting. Thank you for your understanding.) ;)


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